Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mirador Stoneworks other than a different company?

We only specialize in stone restoration and we use unique products. We use diamond abrasive for best clarity, then polish with a imported polishing powder. Other companies use diamond pads on every single stone, which is not the case, because it causes blurriness on certain stones. We are aware of that matter, and only use the diamond pads on stones that are  capable of the best possible results.

Is there going to be any dust while performing the restoration?

Most of our restoration projects are water processed. There are some cases when the polishing powder doesn't work  because not all natural stones are the same. When that occurs, we have to use steel wool which causes minimal dust.

What kind of sealer do you use?

We only use the best in the market. We use a high quality premium impregnator sealer. The sealer will not change the appearance of the stone. Also, there's no penetrating sealers in the market that will protect the stone against acids.

How long does the shine of the stone lasts?

With proper care, the shine will last for several years. If there's constant traffic and use of cleaning chemicals, it will gradually shorten the shine over time.

Do I need to seal the newly installed natural stones?

Most installation contractors do not seal the stone because they're  just installers. It is recommend to clean and seal the natural stone each year or two. Proper sealing will protect the stone against dirt and spills, but will not protect against inappropriate chemicals or scratches.